Liberty of Living is all about assisting people to live in an environment that compliments their soul power essence.  You are encouraged to go beyond living an external existence to a life lead by inspiration and expansion allowing you to grow in confidence and rise to your chosen destiny.

Prerequisites: Always open to magic and have a sense of awe and expectation.

In the not too distant future we will all be discovering and recovering from the lies that have held us back for so long.

With that in mind, I have talks for discussion groups; workshops where people can come and restore their premium selves; and my twist on ‘coping’ with life.

If that appeals to you then “Living From The Inside Out” could be just the right thing for you and your heart to catche up with your consciousness.

We have so much to learn…

Ignited by Spirit

It is when you hit that shocking moment of “Is this all there is?” or worse still, “Is this all I am?” that you finally vow to honor you own presence.

Life ‘stories’ are written by our emotional reality OR our understanding of “how it is”. Think of if this way – we make up ways of coping after we’ve experienced any kind of debilitating moment that has robbed us of our personal space or self-respect. This fact needs to become conscious in your mind or else you will keep coping in the same way continuously from daylight to dusk.

This is our time to find it and live it.

We dreamers and beautiful souls looking for respite from the confusion of knowing that there is more come together to enjoy a liberty of living that has long been forgotten.