I think one of the most frustrating habits of society is the bandying of such glib phrases as this title!

How does such a statement help me if it does nothing but show me that someone had a revelation.  Well go on, let us in on it.

In my musings this morning, I wanted to make sure that the years ahead didn’t end up like so many other years that had dwindled away.  I looked for the way in which I could forge a link between what I wished for and its’ potential outcome.  And in doing so I realized that nothing possible can become probable without concentrating on the outcome as an inevitable result.

Yes, we’ve heard it in so many different ways.  Science is full of Chaos theories and String theories that make any probability a possibility or visa versa.  Law of Attraction adepts will tell you to ‘make’ it yours and the vibe will send it hurtling towards you from a receptive Universe.

Let’s make it simple.  Let’s say that as a child you got it into your head that you wanted to build a bonfire (we could do that in the ’60s, lol).  Did you ask permission or did you just go about gathering all the necessary items; cajole others into helping you with the enticing punch line “it’ll be great”.  Or did you sit and think, “I can see the vision; I can feel the joy; I can already sense the heat of it on my face; etc etc?

No, you just went out and started collecting firewood and placing it in the designated spot for bonfires and others caught on and came to help because they already knew what ‘the vision’ had to offer.  Simple.  Too simple?  You could say that for any vision of a larger nature, this description could be too simple, however, the bones or the foundation of any resulting outcome is ACTION.

So, as I remind myself to get off my behind for all that I want to have done in 2016, I offer you my musings in the hope that they prod you to ask –

“What do I need to complete my wish?”

“Who can help if needed and also benefit from the outcome?”

“When do I need it to be viable?”

and “Why”?

The answer can be as simple as “I’d like to…” or “I’ve always wanted…”  Don’t go into overload, heavy breathing thinking.  Would you have done that as a child?  No!  The 3 Step formula to any worthy outcome is:-

Idea – Action – Enjoy.  KISS your dreams ‘Hello’.  Let your innocence lead the way and watch distractions fall by the wayside.

To your burgeoning future