For those of us who can’t have a plan because we have already recognized that we are spiritual beings living on earth in a serving capacity and all of our endeavours to grow rich and famous never pan out and that we are bound to intuit the whim of the Gods, here’s what I suggest –

  • Find the core pillar that is a resounding reflection of all that you value in life, e.g., Beauty; People; Medicine; Spirit etc., and especially the way that you express that, whether it be in the Arts; Travel; Economics, and so on…
  • Become good and confident in being, doing and having it. By that I mean, don’t just dabble in it. Understand that you have this great interest for a reason. It obviously appeals to some part of you that won’t be denied. So, be excellent – know how to teach it, show it and share it.
  • Start to see how your talents become a beacon for others needing help to go to a higher level in their life. You are here for a reason – you just never could figure out what it was – right?!
  • Trust. Where you end up and who you meet along the way are part of the hidden light grid or matrix embracing the world. As you connect with others with your knowledge and wisdom, a little light goes on which Source can see and then sends love and energy and all sorts of good things your way because in being what you love you change the world, literally.

“Now it becomes more open. We are looking at a multidimensional field, a hologram of possibilities, a new grid structure emerging from the potential seeding from the beginning, from the source.  When enough of these grid points are empowered and cognized, then the Earth will automatically detoxify. Gaia will be freed. Everything changes.” – Richard Leviton – The Emerald Modem.

I can’t think of a better way to be alive. 10 minutes of being in the creative genius within us satisfies us more than anything else does. Don’t you agree?