If we stopped thinking of ourselves as singular and thought of ourselves as part of the conglomerate of the planet what would our component parts be needing right now to be at their optimum?

What would the Nature Dept be saying?  Or the Finance Dept?  Or the Education Dept?  Or the Entertainment Dept – what would they be saying?

As more and more people discover the power of their minds to shape the world around them, it opens up all kinds of possibilities which leads to the oft forgotten point that is a major influence behind all our creations. Motivation. 

In this new freedom to choose our world, what is the driving force behind our choices going to be? Good / Evil or Uninformed? 

The most dangerous motivation is uninformed.  A copycat; lazy; devotee frame of mind that thinks being ‘in the flow’ is following along with no need to think or research for a personal opinion that fits with their values and standards, is downright dangerous. 

Everything is in the mind or the Field before it comes into being. 

There are two sides to this story – Your Current Reality and Your Dream Reality.  The mind doesn’t know what is real because it is capable of thinking/imagining both scenarios.  What makes a wish or dream become tangible?  Trust more than belief.  Trust that what your end goal is showing you is also being choreographed as you think it.  Once your musing settles on a vision, your mind chooses that outcome and delves into that idea, then it is only a matter of time before it will come to you because that’s its brief now – that is a reality waiting to materialize. 

The space between its appearance or not is dictated by all your criteria and what you’ve come to EXPECT from your life up to now.  For example: Doubts, Fears, the whole worthiness trap, ad infinitum.  If we can clear away the debris of our excuses, we can make a bee line to what’s truly waiting for us in our imagination and our reality in the world.

I’ve been wondering on this for a long time and consequently, all those outcomes have been delayed precisely because of my lack of belief that what I was doing was possible. Also, the big HOW was a constant doubter and distract-er wasting hours/days, trying to conjure up endless possibilities of how it could become true.

Now when I pull it apart and examine my dreams and my belief as to their coming true or not, I see that intuitively there is a part of me that continues to wait even though I create all manner of roadblocks and barriers to its eventuality.  It is a patience that I never thought I had!  But deep down inside somewhere I kept hold of the idea that one day I would attain my dream and I would have fulfilled my mission. 

By the way, this heavy-duty idea had its use-by date just recently when it dawned on me that my goal was unreachable in one lifetime – if at all – since evolution and consciousness go hand in hand and are eternal.  Phew!  What a load off my shoulders that little gem of understanding was.

As my consciousness evolves and old levels of consciousness are surpassed and allowed to fade away, I finally believe (ha that word again!), that we can do this folks.

To Your Restoration