It’s time to believe in yourself again.

Having been thwarted at seemingly every turn, one begins to believe that they are hopeless at doing anything at all – even the things they longed to do, which according to the experts, should be achievable because you have the prerequisite passion; burning desire and pure intention to attain this personal goal.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those magnificent creatures born with an arid imagination but no ‘push’ to achieve more than the myriad of excellent ideas and solutions that run constantly through my mind (or so I’ve been lead to believe).  Although extremely talented and creative, I’m still not imposing enough to ‘succeed’ out there on the world stage (another imposed belief).

I am a peaceful, kind and loving soul who tends to think of others before myself – a noble characteristic you might say – however, it doesn’t help me to take what is truly mine.  Consequently, I end up with the blah when I really wanted to end up with the bells and whistles of life blaring all around me.

Am I describing your life too?

How do we fix this?

Do we need fixing or is it that we are in the wrong place at the wrong time?

As a child and teenager, I had a vision which I believed was possible and I saw it through to a successful outcome.  It was what happened after that that lead me to this life of continuing doubt and seeming failure as a person.  Maybe, I think that because I can’t allow myself to be ordinary and mundane, content in a prescribed box. 

So why am I sitting here allowing pedestrian-ism to rule my existence when I should be out there ‘doing’ the real me – whatever, whoever that is?

Instead, I am constantly failing?  Are my intentions not pure enough?  Do I really want fame and fortune rather than a more pristine motivation?  Who is setting the standards here anyway?  Why are my ideas always overlooked for something that isn’t as good as mine?  WTF….!!!!

No matter what I tried, I was hailed a fool and basically lacking in good sense because I was sure to fail.  Perhaps if they had let me fail I would have learnt how NOT to do the same mistake again.  However, all it taught me was not to listen to people and their well-meaning advice ever again!  Should have done it right from the start of that non-sense.  What a waste of my time, listening to them and stopping myself from thriving towards my wants and desires – held back by their fears and lack of enterprise.

I get to the point where I just give up.  What’s the use of trying?  No reason to be = equals no reason to live a life of no consequence as far as I’m concerned.  Where does this come from – this need to ‘be’ more?  Why can’t I be satisfied with this me?

Who Am I Uninterrupted?

That question is not mine, but when I heard it, it made so much sense that I took the time to indulge in thoughts of old when the world didn’t have so much influence over my direction in life and the decisions I would make.  Everything that I once believed in now appears to be a sham – hallowed ideals seemingly manufactured to manipulate and control the masses. 

Do any of us even have an original idea anymore, or has the ’on trend’ mass consciousness taken over completely?  Everywhere I look I see the copycats trying to be independent thinkers but they are not really – they are just putting another spin on the cookie cutter blueprints that seem to be raking in the money and building the guru status that so many wish to attain.  Is their intention any better than mine?  No, but I live in the shadow of their mastery of illusion.

Hail the individual me – you – us

So, what is the end result of the above outburst?  Want to do a workshop with me haha?  Now that I have so much time on my hands, I’m going to create a Thinkers Workshop where I’ll send you a D&M question each week for 13 weeks about which you have to write down your thoughts as compared to current perceptions.  What do you say?  And I will only charge you the price of half a pizza at today’s prices or a $ per question for my brain strain – after all, I too need to eat! 

$13 is my going rate for this course – who’s in?

This is purely an exercise in training the brain to realize its own potential again and begin to believe in one’s inherent ability to think beyond the pale of inbred parameters and limits.


The world doesn’t need changing – WE do!