OK, so I’m not going all religious on you but let’s have another look at The Trinity!

In Christianity, the Trinity was composed of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Or it could be Mother, Father and Child. With this view in mind then, out of two a 3rd is being brought into creation. In our world of duality it would seem that our hands are tied to this or that; either or neither; etc. etc., but we are continuously birthing newer and greater things without ever recognizing them, let alone owning them!

In terms of the Holy Spirit, my musing leads me to the 3rd creation being one of a spiritual or higher realization being brought into reality. The connection with this ‘other’ option is totally your own – totally brought into being without any outside influence (except inspired learning); which makes it uniquely yours.

It is other dimensional and vibrationally specific to you only.

We are complex creatures and we must own that. We must allow ourselves to use the gift of consciousness to embrace the perception of the soul. We are truly CREATORS and the biggest deception is that our options are confined to a limited or prescribed outcome that fitted within the labels of age defined behaviours; or corporate lingo boxes; or marital bliss tags.

LOVE is not a game or a business – it is the building block of all things and only exists in its purest form in your highest alignment with it.

Why don’t you just take 2-days off so you can acknowledge you spiritual DNA and get to know your spiritual personality. Having said that, the apple doesn’t usually fall far from the tree, however, you might be surprised to find a vital part of you has been hiding in the corner of your every-day, conventional personality.

The Nature of Us – A new Way of Seeing Yourself

Destiny is about unfolding Self – I call it Joint Venturing with Your Soul.

The 2-Day Experience is a taste of the 7-day tour of soul essence.  Science and Sacred meet in the moment of conscious longing, bringing clarity and a new beginning to those of us who have pondered the past discrepancies in education etc. and sought for a better solution and way of living.  Come join us for 2 days of deep learning and fun exploration on possessing a new scientific perspective and sacred mindset.

For those of you who want to ignite your life and change your game to one of your choosing!

2 nights at Susan River Homestead
2 daily delicious vegan buffets
Daily Yoqi ™ – Yoga and Qigong classes
Creative self expression workshops
Movement, embodiment & dance classes

14 places including all of the above $400 for the two days.