Do you read all those posts telling you to let go of the past; or get rid of what’s not serving you?

Totally unreal, until now! I tried, truly, but never did I stop myself from thinking the same thoughts or having the same reactions when prompted to make a decision or open myself up to other paths.

Well… somehow 2017 is different. It seems I have woken up to compassion for myself and am slowly starting to see what I really think about the world; myself and the people sharing this life with me.

Softly, gently as each old thought arrives, some sweet natured part of me offers another way of looking at something that until now I have brushed aside vigorously – never giving it another thought. The pain and frustration of past events (and their consequent effect on my current thinking) is slowly slipping away as I don this more considered view of… just about everything!

Is there really something in the ether that is prompting this new outlook? Maybe it has to do with a realization that I had at the end of last year, when I noticed that I didn’t look forward to the future anymore. Instead I feared that it would continue to be the same and I honestly couldn’t take that anymore.

So, whatever it is I’m glad, because since I made my mantra “I welcome the future”, I have started to relax; catch myself at negative thinking; and begun the journey of real compassion, forgiveness, mindfulness and change.

Welcome to the future dear friends.